February 16, 2013

It's Always Worth It

I'm supposed to continue writing and publishing my holiday adventure but I just leave it in drafts for a while. Well, the holiday is going to end tomorrow and I'll be starting my routines as a student again.
The end is bittersweet, as always. Time's fleeting but a lot have happened within those moments. I've traveled, got dreams come true, had so much fun with family and friends, discovered new things, felt pain, laughed, cried, learned new language and culture, changed perspectives, became more positive, free spirit, etc. I've done all those things within a month, which surprised me too. 

I wish I still had more times to spend with the ones I love. But it's over for now. Now it is time to finish what I started, which costs me to restrain myself from all the fun things out there and only focus on my study. I don't care though, because anything worth having is worth working hard for. It's the final semester of my degree study and I'm gonna nail it. InsyaAllah, I'll be graduating this year. Amin.... ^^ 

Above all, I am happy. Happier than I've been in months, years even, maybe. I wanna take a second to document this feeling. You know, that head-over-heels, smitten kitten, fresh air is like a brand new beginning, smile at everyone you see, kind of feeling. It's days like this that I realize, even though it may be fleeting, this kind of happiness is worth every second of sadness.

It makes up for it all. Well, doesn't it always?
And that is the way life seems to go. But this is just a reminder that it's always worth it. :)


  1. good luck for your new semester! :)

  2. Faster come back to UMS! It was so quiet without people from other course.. huhu

  3. Good for you. You gone through so much within a month. :D

  4. Best of luck for your final year :)

  5. my gosh..=,=''
    I just love the way u write..ur words and all..hehehe..
    Baa...study2..final year suda..^__^ all the best emy..


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