February 2, 2013


Manila Trip: Day 1

Hey hey, I'm back! It's not easy to get myself back together after 2 weeks of travelling in and out of the country. I'm so tired, both feet are aching, but somehow I miss everything. My mind's still somewhere else. Needless to say, I woke up this morning wishing that I was still in Manila, Philippines, that I still had another day to create memories. But I'm already home. Lol.

We had everything planned out since 2012 and finally made it this year. Besides, it's my 1st time travelling out of country with Ifo and friends. It's a dream come true. Since I was the only girl in the group, I felt a little nervous at 1st place. But everything went well, I got Ifo and the others were like my brothers, they took care of me during the trip.

I made it!

When we arrived at Clark International Airport on 27th January 2013, I felt like screaming "hello Philippines!" but it's just muttered under my breath. We took a bus to get to Manila from Clark for P450 per ticket. On the bus, I enjoyed the view before falling asleep. I noticed several new things like the different position of driver's seat, a lot of jeepneys and tricycles, and I could see the mount of volcano. When the bus entered Quezon City, I was totally amazed by everything. It's the busiest city I've ever seen. Overlapping flyovers, mad traffic..it's a metropolitan life. 

On the bus.

With Jose Rizal's monument.

We arrived at destination after 2 hours of journey from Clark, then checked in to Stone House hotel. I got a single room that cost me P1100 per night which was cheap and the room's quite cozy. After having dinner at a halal restaurant, we walked to Robinson Place Manila, one of the world-class malls here. Then we went to Rizal Park by a jeepney (1st time riding and it's super cool) to watch musical dancing fountain which was way awesome than the one in Perdana Park. My friend said it's a family bonding and tradition for people there to come to Rizal Park with foods and picnic mats every weekend, and it's also a romantic place for couples. The fountain's amazing. That's when I fell in love with the song of Manila by Hotdog. ^^
These are the videos that I recorded that night:

I got to see the monument of Jose Rizal, the national hero of Philippines. That's also the night we went to an open-air stadium near Rizal Park as they had some kind of religious festival. I don't know what were they celebrating but everyone dressed in weird costumes, it's too crowded and loud. Then we got out of there and went straight to Roxas Boulevard. It's supposed to be a nice place but homeless people were everywhere. My heart broke to pieces when I saw a little girl crying alone and scratching her body at the side of the road. I wondered where's her parents. I wanted to help but my friend had warned us to not give anything to the homeless.

I'll write more about this trip later. Till next post. :)


  1. siss! miss your post so much! you're so lucky to have ifo and some guy friends :) can't wait for the next post! :D

  2. omg! the musical fountain super nice!!

  3. Until now I haven't blog about my Philippines trip yet. Luckily you managed went Philippines cause AirAsia cancel the route to there soon.

  4. Until now I haven't blog about my Philippines trip yet. Luckily you managed went Philippines cause AirAsia cancel the route to there soon.

    1. alamak, nah susah sudah lah ni mo p sana kalau begitu.

  5. Nice! Welcome back Aemy! It great to travel with friends.. I am looking forward to mine soon

  6. welcome home sis aemy!! I want to go there too when I've my own job and stuff like that :D looks like you hve a great time there

  7. So you're going to Manila with your boyfriend? Aww I'm jealous. I was so excited to read this entry. Looking forward to read your next entry. :D

  8. 1st of all welcome back..hehehe..i can imagine hoew u feel the minute u arrive at philipines coz i have the same feeling on my 1st trips with fren before..but its not manila and its somewhere else..hehehe



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