January 18, 2013

On Vacay

Hey loves, just want to let you know that this blog will be on hiatus for 2 weeks as I'll be going on vacation starting tomorrow. My journey can be sum up as: KK - Penang - KL - KK - Manila - KK. Heee...
You know how to reach me or get my updates, there are facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp. I'm wishing for a safe and sound journey. Well it's gonna be awesome. ^^

I'll be back after 2 weeks. I love you. Bye! 


  1. You're going to Manila? OMG! Ikuuuut. HEHEHE. Have fun aemy. Can't wait to read your posts about your journey. Do take a lot of photos! :D

  2. Have a great and fun trip with your family =D

  3. hello Aemy...i dun hv ur whatsapp..lol....bila ko d Manila??

  4. Weeee 2 weeks oh! xD
    Enjoy Aemy! :)

  5. Have a good holiday Aemy.. :D


  6. aemy cant wait to read your vacay post :)

  7. aemy, can't wait to read your vacay post.


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