January 7, 2013

The Road not Taken

Do you still remember a poem by Robert Frost that we learned in English class at school? It's called The Road Not Taken. Does it ring a bell? Of course. It's a nice poem, emphasizing the importance of the choices made throughout our lives and the consequences of them. You see, we can't run from choices or making wrong choices and the vulnerability of living on a choice made that can't be changed. When we accept a choice, means we decline another choice. While taking every path, there's another path we don't take. And we'll always wonder about the outcome of the roads that we didn't try.

Previously I found an infographic about this poem at my friend's blog, Rungitom Life. It's cool and inspiring. ^^ Check it out: 


  1. best kan?? sa nampak tempat si Tom, trus sa teingat tu poem blajar di skolah dulu.. ngahaha..

  2. semart ni poem blajar dulu..skarang btukar suda,teda suda ni poem....

  3. Hope you've a good start in 2013! Nice sharing :)

  4. This is one of my favorite poems :)

  5. I always wonder, if, I did take the other road that day. What would happen to me, where would I be now? :)


  6. I've always had this kind of mindset. But I wasn't motivated by this poem. I was actually intrigued by the movie Yes Man by Jim Carrey. And that's why I'm here in Singapore while my friends and family stayed :)


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