January 1, 2013

To the Year of Twenty Thirteen

..to hot pancakes gracing the table,
to making people laugh so hard you think they might actually pee their pants,
to jumping and tip-toeing and everything else that makes walking fancy,
to tea time and movies with the people you admire,
to bonding with people that shape you in unbelievable ways,
to apologies and forgiveness, but never apologizing for who you are or what you feel,
to new alter egos that help you to get stuff done,
to tv marathons and unchanged PJs,
to running, maybe just a few minutes every now and then, but running nonetheless,
to blogging, instagramming and tweeting and everything that makes you happy and sharing it all with the ones you love,
to finishing what you started, 
to planning ahead, 
to saving your pennies for the next big adventure that just happens to be right around the corner..

and above all,
to love.

Happy New Year 2013. ^^


  1. I want to do all of those things too.
    Happy New Year! :D

    1. lets do them together! ^^
      happy new year Ash!

  2. Since we add another year to our life page,
    may we fill it with awesomeness yet incredible journey~
    Another year add to our friendship and love you miey!

    1. yes, another year for another journey :)
      i love u too sayang!!! ^^

  3. Happy New Year, aemy! semoga semuanya baik2 saja :)

    1. insyaAllah..amin :)
      happy new year Ana ^^

  4. 2013 will be awesome, start doing awesome things today! :)


  5. 2013 will surely be awesome. I can already feel it.

    Let's make our 2013 one of the AWESOMEST year ever! Hahaa adaka such word awesomest.

    Happy New Year, Aemy ;) And hope you, Ifo, your family and friends are all well.

    1. awesomest! haha..kasi ada seja :p
      thank u, Arms. happy new year & i wish the same for u, ur love one & ur family too :)

  6. happy belated new year :)

  7. Happy new year Aemy :) sorry for the late wish.


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