December 31, 2012

2012 In a Nutshell

12 months ago I said "hello, please be nice" to the year of 2012, and just like a blink of the eye, it's time to say "goodbye and thanks for the memories". Well, the last 365 days of my life had been awesome. A lot has changed and alhamdulillah, I've found balance in many terms of life. Here's a brief recap and highlight of the best things that ever happened to me in 2012. ^^


As a matter of fact, I don't have any official careers yet. But I did experience it during 6 months (March-August) of paid internship at Desa Hatchery. It's not my dream job at all, and to walk in a pool of chicken blood wasn't so cool. But I took those as challenges and I had so much fun working there. 

Family and friends

I had a lot of family events this year. Aidilfitri, birthday celebrations and holiday trips were the best ever. What I love about my family, especially my siblings, is they love to make many plans for us to have fun. My eldest brother and 2 sisters are married and have their own families, so we won't let the different lives grow us apart. Going for trips and having big lunch/dinner as weekend treats have been the perfect ways to get together. At the same time, I've made a wide circle of friends within the year and bonding with them has created the sweetest memories. I was glad to break the walls and build bridges again. :)


I went to a prom night of faculty with my friends from the whole batch which was the last prom we attended together. And not to forget that I also attended The Awesome Bloggers Gathering 2012 where I got to meet bloggers that I've known throughout my blogging experience. :)


I don't really have a stable financial position but I'm still feeling grateful to receive scholarship from the state government and I no longer totally depend on my parents. What I want to highlight is that I managed to get a new smart phone in midyear and a new laptop last month, both with my own savings. :)


It's already my final year of study and it's been really tough. Juggling between assignments, exams and final year projects are not easy especially for someone who can't multitask like me. But there's always joy in hardship. :)


I made a big change on myself this year. I thank God for giving me chance and leading my heart to be better. It may be tiny or insignificant to others, but being someone who wears hijab permanently is a turning point of my life. I've came to realize that wearing hijab is more than covering ourselves physically. It's also an act of being modest, portraying a believer of Islam, and all of those come with intention to please Allah. :)

Love life

As I've announced several days ago, 2012 marked the 4th year of relationship of me and Ifo. Even 4 years, he never fails to amaze me. I wish our love will remain until forever. I wish in future, he's the one that would lead prayer in front of me. :)

Goodbye 2012 and thanks for the memories. ^^


  1. Happy New Year Aemy! May 2013 will be a awesome year for you

  2. Happy New Year, darling Aemy! Semoga di tahun baru kelak memberikan banyak lagi benda yang menggembirakan, insyaAllah :)

    1. insyaAllah..amin :)
      selamat tahun baru, my dear ^^

  3. Hope 2013 brings more awesome stuff. :)


    1. hopefully!! happy new year, Tom! ^^

    2. hopefully!! happy new year, Tom! ^^

  4. Seems like you have so much improvements and experiences during last year. Me? Jan cakap la. Hahaa jk jk.

    This is the simplest yet nice wrap up for a previous. Maybe I should make one too. :P


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