December 17, 2012

RIP Young Lives

Can't believe what I was hearing about the school shooting in Connecticut that killed 28 people, including 20 innocent children. My heart shattered to pieces. I'm still so angry inside that someone would ever want to take life from any human at all, let alone human as innocent as those kids. It's even harder to be grasped when I read the profile of suspected killer, Adam Lanza. You can read it here:

He's a nerd! A smart boy with major issues. And he's also said to be an autistic. How could an autistic boy kill people? And out of everyone, why children? I mean, they're just kids, for God's sake. 
Adam Lanza was truly insane, or maybe he's hallucinating or didn't comprehend reality. Whatever. Kids were killed. We've been saddened enough by the dead children in Palestine, now another tragedy came up, it's just too much. If the world's going to end soon, then be it. Can you live in a world where humanity fades and even adults kill children? 

they're among the victims. RIP.

 Deepest condolences to the families of the victims.


  1. I am still reeling and angry over this tragedy. I might not know those involved personally but still it sadden me to the point that I am 'cursing' those shooter to be damn in hell.. May God put those young lives soul to rest and pray that this tragedy may not happened ever again..

  2. this incident really broke my heart into pieces! praying for the innocent victims..

  3. when people with a mental problem we'll never know what's going in their mind..RIP to these young kids..


  4. The killer is autistic? Now it seems like anybody can get their hands on a gun and take lives. We'll never know. This is scary. May the souls of these innocent victims rest in peace :(

  5. kesian bah kan durg bdk2 tu susa la mo judge klu org tu gila.

  6. aku pun rasa nak shoot je orang yang menimbak ni...hehe


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