December 8, 2012

On Life and Love

Did you ever notice how a stranger's smile can turn your bad day around? How much sweeter reunions are, the longer you've been apart. How much you appreciate warm in a cold day, and cool in a hot day. How great it feels to relax after a week of going non-stop.

Life's weird like that. But in a way, life's beautiful like that.

And so is love. The more you hold love in, the less loved you feel. The more you let yourself love, the more love you experience. The more you love, the harder you sometimes fall. And most importantly, the harder you fall for the wrong love, the more you open yourself up for the right love.

And when you fall for the right one, you're forever held by the wings of love, never allowing you to fall again.

Have a great weekend. I love you. ^^


  1. hey...sweet one. Finding the right one is not easy i suppose. but you are right, when you fall to the right love,they will never allow u to fall again :)


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