December 29, 2012

I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder why sometimes our hearts are more tender than usual. I wonder how people can say such disheartening things. I wonder if I've done something to make someone else sad. I wonder how sometimes I laugh about something so silly and within the next minute, burst into tears for something that hurts. And then there are days when nothing seems to be right and you wonder if you're naive for wake up with a hope for the day. The day which later turns out to be a day of disappointments.

Today I become a bit discouraged. I wonder how much my life could be impacted by..something.
Then I realize, it matters for the moment, but I won't let it sour my overall feelings.
I'll be sad and feel disappointed. But at the end of the day I must dust myself off, get up off the ground, and know that it's okay to fail sometimes. Failures only make us wiser, stronger.


  1. dear,please be strong know what, we are given two choices, whether we want the environment to control us, or we our-self control the environment. i know you know what i mean right?..
    be strong..and dont let the environment to control us, to manipulate our emo..just be prepare and be happy..ok dear?..=)

    1. i choose to control the environment now. thank you so much, my dear :)

  2. Hey Aemy,

    Yes failure makes us stronger and wiser. I believe in that now. Like I said, never wish for things to get easier but always wish for yourself to be better and better.

    We are human bound to make mistakes. Can't really help it. Lead life to the positive way will do the way I guess.

    Cheer up :)

    1. true indeed, we can't learn anything if we don't fail. thanks so much ^^

  3. we can wondered about anything, but that one thing for sure is what we do at the end of the day. :)


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