December 12, 2012


For the highs and the lows. The days of being completely on my own, days of pure joy...
For those who have broken my heart, those who have tricked me into loving them by wearing a disguise, those who love me more than I ever have myself... 
The scary moments, the moments of utter embarrassment, the laughter-filled nights...
The family I miss (but always close in my heart)...
The friends who've moved on and the friends who've stayed close...
The tears of happiness, tears of sorrow...
For confusion, clarity, and everything in between.

These are the things that bring me even closer to love. These are the things that are meant to happen.
These are the things for which I give my thanks on this special day (12.12.12), the things that make me love my blessed life. 
Every little bit of it.

I love you. Have a nice day. ^^


  1. Today's date is beautiful and unique! Wishing you all the best dear aemy!

  2. have a nice day Aemy :)

  3. hehehe..thanks to my boss for giving me tonne of work on this, btw i hope everything is great for you..



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