December 9, 2012

Sky's the Limit


I frequently look at the sky while enjoying the view anytime anywhere. It's like my new hobby. The sky, which is constantly above us every night and day, is such a wonderful creation by God. When I look up into the sky, my brain just stops..wondering how high is high, how far does it go, and why do clouds smear like that? And sometimes I feel like looking back in time.

Yes, it’s a freedom zooming out of your brain and into the unknown. Staring up into the sky, as the clouds roll by, way past the trees, deep into the stars, as our spinning world reminds us how small we all are. It literally freezes the time especially when I'm drowning in stress. You know how it feels like to have so much in plate and no "me" time. So this is how I relax and remind myself that I'm not alone, that The One who could make things easy for me is always up there. :)

These are some photos that I took recently:

at Kundasang

sunset view at Lokkawi

evening sky at Kingfisher Sulaman



  1. Cantik oo..ciptaan tuhan kan..Sepatutnya kita bersyukur kan...hmm...

  2. you have really AMAZING photos here, talented sis !! :D

  3. am loving it! :D Salah satu cara untuk menikmati pemberian Allah :)


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