December 29, 2012

Forever in Memory

It was a great day..
I finally finished and submitted my thesis part 1 that I dreaded over the past few days. I also had a great time today with Ifo and his sister, Niza; gadget-hunting, having lunch and hanging out at Tanjung Aru beach. 
It was a great day..
..until I got a text from my friend telling the death of someone that I met during internship. 

If you were following my internship story in March to August 2012, you might have read an entry that I wrote about the day we went to a house of a chicken slaughterer, Hj Marusin and met his wife. They're one of the sweetest old couples I've ever met. They're so kind, generous and treated us like their grandchildren. We visited them more than once, including on Aidilfitri, and we've been getting closer since then. 
Classes and final year projects kept us busy. We didn't get the chance or time to manage a visit at Hj Marusin's place. Just a couple of days ago I was thinking of them, reminiscing the sweet memory at the house and I miss them so much, especially the wife. I was planning to visit her after final exam.
But now, I could never see her again. She died today, this evening. 

I don't know what's the exact reason, but as far as I concern, she's old and suffering illness that old people are commonly having. I wish I were there now with Hj Marusin's family. I still remember when they told us how they met each other long long time ago. It's the sweetest story. I've known her only in a short period of time, but she's been a part of my happiness, a part of the reasons that strengthen the bond between me and my friends, a part of something that keeps me believing that love lasts forever.

My friends with Hj Marusin and his late wife

May Allah place her among the ones He loves and among the members of Jannah. Amin....



  1. I am sorry to hear tat. May her soul rest in peace.

  2. Al Fatihah. Semoga ronya ditempatkan dikalangan orang yang beriman

  3. Al Fatihah. Semoga rohnya ditempatkan dikalangan orang yang beriman. Amin.


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