January 11, 2013

How Many Times has the World Ended?

The 7th semester of my degree has ended yesterday. Here comes the holidayyyy! Heeee...
Today was great, I was hanging out with Ifo and our dear friend Lan at his shop in Sulaman Central. Actually we're doing this public interview about 3 celebrations in our country: Xmas, CNY and Diwali (it was for somebody's assignment). We're supposed to ask random people in public, but we were just too lazy to do so. :p Guess how we did? I was interviewer while 2 of them became the interviewees by impersonating 9 people with different races, slangs and ages. It's hilarious when we listened back to the recording. They reminded me of Jozan. Lol. 

By the way, I have something interesting to share with you. I'm not sure if you find it interesting too, I got this from an email, and I need your opinions about it. Here we go:

So, what say you? 

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  1. I can imagine how your 2 friends become the same person but with different slangs etc. It would be funny HAHAHA. Btw have a great holiday! :)


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