January 5, 2013

Sleepiness Kills

Yesterday I heard a news about road accident at my town (Papar) that happened last Thursday. It's a tragic accident caused by SLEEPINESS where the driver died just when admitted to hospital. 

The victim's a daughter of my mum's friend. She's on her way back from work and it's already dark. Of course we'd feel fatigue and drowsy after a long day of working. So she got sleepy while driving Persona at normal speed on a straight two-way road and unconsciously drove to middle. There's a truck coming from opposite direction but the truck managed to pull over at safe distance and honk. The lady was awoken by the horn and immediately drove back to left side. Because of panic, she forgot to glance side mirror, and then collided with a car coming from behind, pushing the Persona forward and crashed another car in front. 

Initially, the lady was said to have minor injuries and she could still move and even called her mother telling about the accident. But when she reached hospital by an ambulant, she died because of internal bleeding and organ damage. Besides, she's just gave birth 3 months ago and there was severe effect on her uterus. 

Deep condolences to her family, her 3-month-old baby, and her husband that's outstation during the accident. Though I barely know this family but the tragedy broke my heart to pieces. So guys, please drive carefully on the road. If you get sleepy, just pull-over and take a good nap for a few minutes or go to nearby cafe and have a cup of coffee. We can make a difference and save lives by doing simple acts. Sleepiness kills, you see. Be safe, loves, especially ladies.
I leave you with an infographic about the stages of sleepiness:


  1. deep condolences to the family involved...thanks 4 da reminder Aemy and the graphic is so cute..


  2. Deep condolence,life really unexpected.one minutes we were happy never know wat will come next.

  3. I think there were 1 or 2 times when I dozed off during outstation to KL from JB. And I managed to wake up the second I dozed off. Crazy thing. But thankfully nothing happened. I wouldn't do anything like that in the future.

    But ya, sleep is the most important thing. More than life itself actually.

  4. Al- fatihah.

    Tp seriously, mengantuk bila driving sengsara. Lebih2 lagi after long hours of working + jam. Hari tu masa praktikal di SAMC i almost get into accident sbb penat sangat+ jalan jam. nasib baik ternaik divider seja. Lepas tu, taubat dah. hanya akan drive bila agak2 jalan sudah lenggang. sampai rumah midnight. haih.


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