January 4, 2013

Being Vulnerable

When I started writing this blog, I was nervous. And honestly I got a bit apprehensive before each time I click "publish" especially seeing how I write about things that I don't necessarily share in real life. You see, in real life I don't really speak my point of view, I don't share much things with people, I don't show them as much as I write here.

When it comes to personal feelings, I like to keep things light. I'd rather fake a smile than getting down to the nitty-gritty mishaps of life. But the problem with this tactic is when you pretend like you're always happy and goofy, people believe you. They don't know if something hurt your feelings when you just laugh it off. And it's not their fault. We can't expect them to know the difference, right?

So this blog's given me a place to write anything that I can't bring out and say easily. The thing is, it's easier to be open up here, to people I barely meet but support me beyond words. It has made me reach out and helped me to express myself. It's been a beautiful experience. It's made me vulnerable.
When I blog about things like my hopes, a rough day, or big decisions I have to make, I'm actually putting myself out on a limb. But I'm pretty proud for that.

Good night. :)


  1. Always proud of you Aemy. I feel the same way :) sometimes I feel reluctant to open up and publish scared people will judge me but I hope to be more open as new year resolutions.

    night Aemy

    1. as long as we have good intentions & good contents to share with people, everything will be okay after we click the publish button :)

  2. You're writing always inspired me. You expressed your feelings through your words and I can really feel it. Keep it up sis. :)

    1. thank you for saying that, my dear. we're all learning & guiding each other. keep in touch :)

  3. Hi beautiful,
    I am guilty for being to lazy 'deposit' my love for you here, and I am sorry for that. Though, I have never missed reading each of your entry. Unlike you, I am not shy about sharing my bad days. At times I feel stupid after reading my published stupid rants, but oh well.

    What I love about your writing is that you are capable to channel your true feelings in a polite, if not sweet ways. It's true, people could 'read' us through our writings. There were a few times I sensed you were trying to channel some sort of pain, a frustration perhaps, and you did it in a unique way only you know what magic it takes. I really admire that in you, Aemy.

    Oh, and of course who doesn't like reading free grammatical error posts. Not to say your English command is very enviable as well, I wish I could write as good as you.

    Happy new year, little one. Let's have more fun this year, shall we?

    1. Hey pretty sis,
      It's not a big deal, sis. It's okay, I appreciate silent readers too ;)
      Well, everyone has their own writing styles & types of content. Blog is where we deliver our freedom of speech & only true bloggers would understand the meaning behind every post we published, we read & comment without prejudice, without judgement.
      Thank you for the compliments, sis. :) I learn from others too, including you. There's a lot to learn in this life. And sharing is my favorite thing, even if it's about my bad day, I'd like to share it as positive as I can instead of bashing about it.
      Thank you again. Happy new year :)

  4. Writing help me to express my feeling. At least I feel much lighter abot it,you know the world out there is pretty tough and I am in the same shoes like u..its kinda hard to be open up to someone we knew. I guess writing is much better as I always in panic attacked so for someone like me..this medium is the best.

    1. I totally agree with you, Alexa. :)
      Blog is the place that reminds us that we're not alone in this world. ^^

  5. yeah, i had the same feeling when about to push the publish button..hehe..Actually i almost forget when the last time i write something about myself... :D



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