February 7, 2013

The Moment I Could not Forget

Manila Trip: Day 4

It's not really surprising when the shop assistants spoke Tagalog to us, thought that we're Filipinos and said that we look like ones. We're typical Asians after all. I've learned some Tagalog words and basic phrases from my friend, Lan (the guide of our trip, it's his 2nd hometown), such as makgano (how much?), maraming salamat (thanks so much), magandang araw (have a nice day), magandang umaga (good morning), pagod ako (I'm tired), ingat (take care), counting numbers, and so on. It's really fun to learn new language. ^^

After brunch, we went to Robinson and shopping at some stores. Bench store was my favorite one and I bought a lot from there; dress, bags, fragrance. I really love the design, quality, fabric, and I only looked for Philippines' original brands. Despite being the only rose among the thorns, I had no problem shopping with the guys. Besides, sometimes they needed me to choose for them. Here I also found some bizarre foods like balut (fertilized egg with a fetus in it) and deep fried 1-day-old chick. Ugghh..

deep fried 1-day-old chicks

the last jeepney

By taking MRT, we went to Baclaran again and headed to MOA by a jeepney. That's the last time I rode a jeepney. I must say that jeepney's the coolest transport so far. I loved it and miss it already. In MOA, we watched Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. The cinema's way awesome than GSC or any cinemas I've ever been. The hall and screen were larger and hey, no censored scenes. Needless to say, I had to close Ifo's eyes with my hand at one scene where Mina was completely naked with Hansel at rock pool. 

After the movie, we rushed out to catch the "moment". Yes, we made it this time. We saw the sunset of Philippines and embraced the moment. That I will never forget. ^^

so do you think this is romantic? :p

screw the camera

Then we went to Kultura Filipino to buy some souvenirs and OMG I really loved the shop. It's not an ordinary handicraft shop. Everything's beautiful and attractive. They resembled the cultures and traditions of Filipinos, which amazed me. I wanted to buy a very beautiful purse, but when I saw the price, I let it go and bought souvenirs for my family instead. 

Since it was the final night of the trip, we made it count by having fun at Star City, a theme park. So we played and rode all that we can. The funniest was when we entered the ghost house and mummy's tomb. I thought I was the only that'd be scared, but the guys were scared too. :p There's this kind of laser light in the ghost house that turned our faces into ghosts. Dude, it's damn scary. And then when the other people came to us, we thought they're ghosts because of the horrible faces. So we screamed and ran to exit gate. Lol. The rest of the games were as common as we have at Genting Highland. I felt regret riding the last game because it made me absolutely dizzy. Glad I didn't vomit in the air. 

we were up there

had so much fun ^^
(from left: Selvin, Lan, me, Ifo, Russel, Jasper)

The night's ended with the final hangout at hotel's cafe. I miss that so much. :)


  1. well i have to say one of ur fren looks like filipino. Lol. sa pun drg ckp mcm.trus x percaya lgi tu...bila sa ckp bkn.haha

    1. because he inherits the filipino blood..hehe..
      tp mmg malaysian & filipino look alike kan..

  2. Yup typical Asians...sya rasa your Ifo yg paling macam Filipino xD banyak tempat kamu jalan2. awesome! x macam kami dulu..means, kena lawat sana lagi kan?! hehe

    magandang araw po Aemy ^^

    1. Ifo?? dia tu mcm cina sesat..haha..
      actually bnyk lg tempat kami mau pegi tp x sempat pegi..so mmg we will return la..haha..tp xda suda kk-clark kn..huhu..

  3. Replies
    1. if u go there, dun forget to go SM North City..its among the largest in the world ^^

  4. Looks so much fun Aemy! If I ever go back to Manila again, i'll make sure to stop by for souvenirs cos i didnt get to do that last time. Only did the shopping for myself and I. LOL!

    1. it was fun ^^
      go to Kultura at MOA for souvenir shopping, it wont let u down ^^

  5. Typical asians? HAHAHA. Most sabahan look like Filipinos, I guess. Its fun for you to learn new language plus trying to speak tagalog isn't so hard, I guess. If you love to watch the Filipino drama you found it easy to speak tagalog. Its romantic to have a vacation with you boyfriend. I envy but I'm just too young to think about it. HAHAHA. Philippines is a great place to visit.

    1. unfortunately im not into tagalog drama, the last drama i watched was Pangako Sayo & that's a long time ago. haha. u'll get the chance to go for a vacation with ur Mr Right someday. ^^

    2. i think all the south east asia people ar look alike..i had the same exp when my last visit to bandung..hehehe..but frankly even i have the same problem here, mistaken the philipino with the sabahan..hehehee


  6. wah bestnya jalan2. JELES I hee yang saya ni SANDAKAN dekat jak pun belum sampai lagi ;)

  7. erm kesian pula sa tingu tu 1 day old chick ni.. odoi

    wah aemy suda p travel o... shame on me inda perna o travel mana2 ni


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