April 5, 2013

HomeTuitionJob.com: Teach and Learn

According to my own experience, I know that students are different and perform differently at home and in schools; differ in behavior,  learning and grasping power. Some students are very brilliant and some others need extra attention and help to show their true performances. But relying on teachers at school alone to help improving scores especially on difficult subjects won't sometimes be enough. I had this kind of problem when I was in school. I can't either depend on my parents that always thought education is the key to successful life but didn't have enough time to teach me as they're both working. So they sent me to tuition and I took some subjects that I was weak in, and yes, it helped and I scored great in SPM.

Home tuition or in Bahasa, tuisyen has become necessary for all students; as brilliant student have to compete and keep the pace of getting good scores, while the weak ones have to struggle hard in getting good marks. It is helpful in imparting the knowledge and interest in students and they're able to get maximum benefits from this home tuition. It also will help them build confidence and hence speed up their learning process, which is important for students to discover the most effective way of learning so that they could excel in life. With home tuition, the parents can keep track of performance of their kids and get in touch with the tutors directly to see the progress.

HomeTuitionJob.com is a great website that matches tutors and students in a wide area of learning beyond academic subjects. With this website, parents or students could simply search tutors by gender, location or subjects. The tutors' details are mostly attached with photos, so parents and students would want to know more about the tutors before deciding to engage their tutoring services. This is one of the ideal ways for students to be excellent in both primary and secondary schools, especially for those who will be sitting for UPSR and SPM. This home tuition is not only trending in Malaysia, but it also has expanded to India and Singapore.

While providing benefits to parents and students, HomeTuitionJob.com is also a source of side incomes as it opens a job opportunity for everyone as tutors. I would love to take the chance too, but with my final year of degree and thesis going on, I don't think I could have a part time job yet. So, for anyone out there who wants to teach, help the younger ones, or anyone that wants to have experience in teaching, go sign up at HomeTuitionJob.com .

You can watch the video of introduction to HomeTuitionJob.com and you'll see how it can help you.

Learning is a lifelong process, education stops when you leave schools. Education is what other teach you, learning is what you teach yourself. 

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