April 4, 2013

Won't Lose Each Other

Hey hey, it's been a long time! In the past several days, I sat down and got nothing. I didn't feel any blogging vibes coming to me. So I didn't. Instead I closed the dashboard page and faced my life head on. But now, I have it back and my fingers are buzzing. 2 months to go til I finish my degree and and there will be the time when possibilities are blooming and options are endless. How exciting, huh?

Oh very much so. For me, it's terrifying somehow. Knowing that worrying doesn't change an ounce of the intended outcome or fate, doesn't change the fact that I'll still worry. About every detail. Every unknown. Every little thing there is to worry about; being 23, finishing degree, still hanging in the middle of thesis, juggling between assignments and tests, thinking of looking for career opportunities soon, budgeting and saving...

"Worrying won't change anything"

You could smash that fact into my thick skull all day long and I'd still wake up at least once a week itching and sweating from stresses that mulled their way into my brain even at the off-hours. But this is nothing new. It has been the dragon I've been trying to slay my whole life. Now I'm just gonna try and keep this dragon at bay each day. 

In the meantime, I'm gonna spend some times on the wonderful, worry-free things. Like, today, I had a movie date with Ifo. We watched The Host (..amazing story in book, but a bit off in film, I prefer reading the book instead. It's still a great story though, one of the most unusual love triangles. Go watch it.), ate at Secret Recipe and chilled out at KK's seaside. It's nice to finally see the world and get away from books, papers and apparatus. Huhu. Till next post (I hope so..).

from The Host

P.S: I'll try to blogwalk after this.


  1. You're going to graduate soon? Wow. Best of luck emy! :)

  2. You're going to graduate soon? Waah. Best of luck emy! :)

  3. Study smart and I believe you can do it!



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