April 14, 2013

In Your Heart or On Its Way

A week ago, my childhood friend got married. It was a beautiful, dreamy wedding in ballroom hall. 
I love weddings. Absolutely, positively love them. Whether it's a dear friend's wedding or someone I've never even met, my heart swells watching 2 people celebrate their never-ending love for one another. And when my friends marry the love of their lives, holy moly, my heart nearly jumps right out of my chest with happiness. And I can't help but wonder, how on earth will I keep my heart from exploding with love the day I marry the love of my life? Do they have vitamins to prevent that? :p LOL.

Well, other than the wedding, I was really happy to finally meet my old friends after 14 years. 
Many many years ago, we lived in Tawau and there's a nice family living next door. Their kids became my playmates and the bestest friends during my childhood. But in 1999, my parents decided to move permanently to Papar as they got new workplaces in KK. We're so young..no numbers or emails to be exchanged, no facebook yet..and we probably won't see each other again. That's 14 years ago. 

We did see each other again. However, things were different. Of course. We're the same persons, but we're not the same kids anymore. Never thought that separation turns best friends into strangers. Yet, I'm very happy that one of them have married now. And I'm glad that they've became a part of my sweet memories that I'll never forget.

And life gets more exciting with each passing day
And love is either in your heart or on its way.


Thank you for dropping by. Keep a song in your heart and have a nice day. Au revoir.


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