April 19, 2013

It Feels Like a Memory

*spoiler alert*

I heard some negative reviews about Oblivion previously, but that didn't stop me from watching it. It's Tom Cruise (he's old, but still a hot stuff) for heaven's sake and hey, it's such a great film. Despite its puzzling story, the problems it runs into along the way are overpowered by beauty and emotional aspirations. 

It's 2077 and earth is a garbage dump, thanks to alien invasion 60 years ago. While the majority of human race had to abandon the earth and take refuge on a moon of Saturn, the only creatures remaining are hiding bands of Scavengers. Monitoring the land are white, round drones, floating cue balls from afar, but menacing killers up close. Occasionally, they need services from Jack Harper, which reminds me of Wall-E. He'll be flying out to repair the drones while Vika guides his movements from the sky. 

"Another day in paradise," - oblivious Vika

Jack and Vika are living together in the floating airborne and their memories have been erased, including the bad memories from the invasion. They're responsible to clean up the remaining forces from the invasion as well as protecting the earth by taking care of drones. They take orders from Sally who promises to let them join the rest of humanity on Titan. Towards the end of the mission, a spaceship carrying sleeping capsules containing human beings crashes on earth. Jack gets to save Julia, a women he often sees in his dreams. 

Many secrets are revealed when Jack and Julia caught by Scavengers, that happen to be human beings. They told Jack all truths and it turns out that Julia is his wife. Apparently, 60 years ago, Jack navigated his NASA ship to investigate Tet (space station where Sally's based), together with Vika as the co-pilot and Julia hibernated in capsule. While being attacked by an alien ship, Jack released the shuttle carrying sleeping capsules to save Julia and others before his spacecraft was caught. The shuttle remained in orbit around the earth for 60 years until drawn in by homing beacon. Jack and Vika were kidnapped, cloned, sent to earth by the Tet and obliviously worked for Sally. Whereas the drones are actually programmed to kill humans, not aliens, because there are no aliens on the earth. 

What happens next? Go and watch it! I really love this movie. Every single shot is meticulously crafted and composed, especially the desolate ruins on earth. The futuristic stuffs featured in Oblivion are also amazing, such Jack's house, bubbleship, motorbike, computerized table, and everything. Not to forget the unique story line. There's a bit of elements from Wall-E, Inception and Vanilla Sky, and maybe others too. Go watch! ^^

a house in the clouds

"I know you, but we've never met. I'm with you and I don't know your name. I know I'm dreaming, but it feels like more than that. It feels like a memory. How can that be?"
- Jack Harper

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  1. hi amey!! lama x mengomen sini.. sy blm tgok oblivion..mau p tgok la lps ni. last time i watched cloud atlas btl2 sy kompius or it's just me? dunno la.. hahah


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