November 19, 2013

Blissful Weekend

Last weekend was awesome. Me and family and Ifo went to Kundasang for a holiday trip, we stayed at Little Hut, Mesilau for a night. It's a nice place, with breathtaking view, surrounded by beautiful flowers, windy, cozy cold..such a sanctuary. And there's an onion field in front of the homestay house. 

After checking in to homestay, we went to Poring, it's for the kids. Then we headed to Tagal River to experience a fish massage, which was incredibly great. It's not the normal fish massage that you might get in spa, but this one is huge fish. I was amazed to see a group of big fish swimming around the feet of visitors who stood in the river. At first I was afraid to go down but it'd be waste if I didn't try, so I dipped my feet in the river while feeding the fishes. Oh gosh..I can feel them nibbling my skin. It didn't hurt, just itchy and slippery. Ifo showed us how to feed them right (he went there before); hold the food in your palm, dip your hand in the river and slowly release the food, the fishes would come rushing to your hand. I didn't try that one. :p

That night, we just stayed in homestay and cooked our dinner. Ifo helped us in the kitchen and he even made the grilled banana leaf wrapped fish. My sister said he passed the test. Lol. 
At 3.30 am, we all woke up for qiamullail, it's a practice in Islam to perform tahajjud and hajat prayers at the middle of night, followed by tazkirah and Subuh prayer. It's my dad's idea, which was very good to get much benefits from Allah. Honestly, I'm thankful for being born in the family. Bercuti sambil beramal, they say. 

In the morning, before going to Desa Cattle, we walked around our place and took pictures. Really, it's a very nice place for sightseeing and taking photo, I love how they design the houses with English vintage style. It inspired me to design my own house someday. ^^ So we went to Desa Cattle. We bought milk, met and greeted the calves and goats. The kids had so much fun feeding the tamed young goats. Before heading home, we stopped at Kundasang town to buy some fruits and vegetables. 

It's an awesome vacation. ^^

if only the peak of Mount Kinabalu wasn't covered by the clouds

look at those fishes
i wanna know what does the fox say about us

i can see Mount Kinabalu from my room


brother and the cute house

me and the onion field

my lovelies are feeding the goats

cows might pooped the grass, but we don't care

awesome weekend


  1. Tat awesome...i love the grass....

  2. OMG! I'm just so in love with the 2nd last picture. What a beautiful picture. Wanna take picture there. Heeeee. Well Its great that your soulmate went on vacation with your family. :)

  3. Ifo passed the test? Aww yeaa~ XD

  4. the mount kinabalu was so clear. usually pemalu, jarang tunjukkan diri. hehe. great holiday. i've been wanting to go there. tapi takut drive.

  5. ehem ehem..bila alh tu aemy?..nda lama lg tu kan :)

  6. owh..its about the same time i went to my family trip to frasers hill..hehehe..they said when u spend ur time with quality people, anything seems just fine..hehehe


  7. Quite sad because I haven't visited the Desa Cattle yet! lol.

    And siok kan d feeling of those big fishes swimming around. Wakakaa.


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