November 27, 2013

The Times You'll Miss

As my time as a student has came to end, I can't help but reflect on the past 4 years while Vitamin C's Graduation plays in my mind. I'm not going to put you through that, but I'd like to share some words of advice for the juniors, wherever, whoever they are. I'm gonna go ahead and get the cliches out of the way first: College flies by. Get involved. Take advantage of the opportunities. Have fun. Study hard. Don't take those years for granted. Be safe. You'll someday look back on this time and miss it. You will. 

Now that those are out of the way (yet, so very true) I'm gonna add a few of my own what-I-wish-I-had-known-while-in-college lessons. 

1. The library has the best resources. Learn how to use them. Yep, I didn't know this until my last semester. They also have subscriptions to some of the raddest, most expensive websites and databases in the world. Explore your hobbies and interests now. You have the best resources to do so.

2. Have dinner with your dorm mates. They're gonna be the ones that you miss the most after your course mates. 

3. Talk to your lecturers. They're people like us too and (most) always there because they really do want to help you learn. And (most) are experts on extremely specific topics. And (most) wanna tell you about what they know. Make appointment, email/text them if you have questions. Know what's worth debating and what's not. 

4. Put down your phones and talk to people around you. After college, you're probably rarely, if ever, going to be around so many people in the same life stage/situation as you. Everyone's there trying to get a degree. We're all on the same playing field, help each other out. Meet people who are interested in your same hobbies. You may never again see people with the same interests on a daily basis. But don't stick to only groups that agree with what you think or like what you like. Explore different groups and make friends with all kinds of people. This is how you learn. 

5. I think this is probably the most important thing I wish I had known: take control of your course, don't let it control you. Choose something that you're really interested in as your major. Don't just follow what your friends choose or what you parents told you so. I wish I had taken different course. I should've been more open to the idea I'd maybe change my mind before deciding on a major. But it doesn't matter anymore. So get them done. Although you're not the smartest in class, be smart anyway. Don't fall into so much drama. Don't waste your time on people who lead you to bad things. 

6. Get off the laptop and go out with your dorm/course mates sometimes. Go to stadium and run. Have a tea time at cafeteria. Go to cinema. Facebook will be around 10 years down the road, but you won't be on campus forever.

I do miss campus more than words could ever express. This is a chapter I long to return to, but life doesn't work that way. All I can do is let those of you going into college or currently in its throws know that this is it. These are times you will miss. Be present. Cherish every single moment. :)


  1. Aw! Is that you, Aemy? Congrats, sweetie! Looking real good :)

  2. Congrats again, Aemy! I forgot to wish Ifo! So, when you see him, congrats bilang!

    Those are great advices there. Really true. I think I tried my best to do all of the things mentioned but I didn't really make full use of the library. The only thing I went there was to log into internet. Wakakaa. Nakal ba dulu.

    Anyways, all the best... your next journey is about to unfold :D

    1. I went to library because of kalau p sana utk hangout2 & tidur ja. Hahaha. Thanks, buddy! Ifo said thanks too ;)

  3. I still have three years before I'm done with college so this is really helpful for me. Thanks for reminding me all of these, aemy :)

    1. Make those 3 years count. All the best! :)

  4. Congratulation! I miss my campus life too :)

  5. Congratulations on your graduation day! Somehow I think that being in KML is too short to do that things. Its been 5 months I'm here but I still haven't done any memorable thing like going out to beach, play bowling with my roomates etc.

    Btw, all the best for your next chapter.. Thanks for the advices :)

    1. Hehe it's okay, it's really fast there, so you just might be able to study. Wait til u got into university k ;)
      Thanks, dear. All the best for you too ^^


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