November 9, 2013

Love will Come Eventually

Remember I posted this: We all Start as Strangers? I mentioned about heartbreak there. So let's talk about it. Well, I'd rather slay dragons on any day than have to deal with heartbreak. Heartbreak is the pits. And I've had some trepidation about whether or not to blog about my old heartaches. Because one weird thing about blogs, it's all archived. So even whenever you try and move along, you catch yourself peeking back at those moments. Being brave is something you admire in others and long to be yourself. But it's not that I ain't moving on, of course I've moved on. I'm happier now. This is just a little sharing that might be useful for some of you.
So here it goes, young loves.

Long before I met my true love, I dated someone else. He was decent and kind and we had a blast together. I came to really care about him. I loved our times together and I simply adored his family. Honestly, I still respect his family. But then it happens. You know, you drift apart and you realize your lives are headed in remarkably different directions. As much as it breaks your heart and makes you dizzy all at once, you try and accept it's for the best.

But then again, holy guacamole, I had some rough days trying to believe it's for the best. Breakups are flipping weird, ya'll. You go from being best friends with a person to absolutely never speaking again. How does that even make sense? I guess it doesn't. But who ever said love made sense? And in my case, it wasn't even love after all. I must say that as much as it hurt, it was kind of a fresh start, of sorts. 

To my surprise, I got into a new groove. I came out from under my duvet to find the same beautiful world that had always been there, with or without boyfriend. I began to grow and learn so much about myself. And eventually, I met Ifo. :) 

And up until now I learn to accept some things:

  • when someone shows you who they are, believe them the 1st time.
  • your friends see through a lot of crap.
  • don't become a doormat. People love a good doormat.
  • respect (yourself, others, just as much as others should respect you).
  • you can still care about him at times, but as the ever so wise Elizabeth Gilbert put it, "so miss him. Send him some love and light every time you think about him, then drop it." 
  • love will come, but don't rush it.
  • because it's on its way, waiting to arrive at the most perfect of times.
  • just because you broke up, it doesn't make the happiness you had with the person any less real. That happiness was so real.
  • never allow your heart to refuse love. Love helps you heal and somebody loves you. Allah loves you. 


  1. Choose to be with someone that brings out the best in us :)

  2. Thanks for always dropping a comment on my blog when nobody else does. HEEEEE. I believe mine is on its way, waiting for the perfect time to come. :)

    1. Hehe..anytime ;)
      Yep, surely it'll come to you someday. Keep believing!

  3. The thing I can say about love is like you've mentioned, don't rush it. Especially after a breakup. And thankfully that's what happened to me. I didn't find it. But it sorta just found me. That feeling "Damn, I think I like her." That's the feeling everyone should chase.

    Or "... I like him..." not just "her". Wakakaa.

    1. Right? It just happens, especially when we least expect it. Haha I had that feeling..but i said, "Shit, am i in love with him?" hahahah

      Lol the last statement XD len oh kau..haha

    2. I actually mean that because I'm a guy, I said 'her'. But in your case, it's 'him'.

      Apa yang lain. Apa maksud. Apa ni, apa ni. Wakakaa.

  4. Breaking up is a lesson about how we pick up the pieces of our broken heart and move on. It can only be learned by having someone to break it for us. Unfortunately someone has to do the job. Sad ah.


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