November 12, 2013

Strong as the Wolf Pack

A wolf pack is like the Mafia. Everyone has a position in it. 

An alpha wolf is the leader of the pack. This is the mob boss, the brains of the outfit, the protector, the one who tells the other wolves where to go, when to hunt, what to hunt. The alpha is the decision maker, the capo di tutti capi, who, from 10 feet away, can hear the change of rhythm in a prey animal's heart rate. The alpha's actually far too valuable, as the decision maker, to put himself in harm's way.

Which is why in front of every alpha is a beta wolf, an enforcer. The beta rank is the bold, big thug who's pure aggression. He'll take you down before you get too close to the boss. He's completely expendable. If he gets himself killed, no one will really care, because there's always another brute to take his place.

Then there's the tester wolf, who's very wary and suspicious, who doesn't trust anyone he meets. He's always scouting for change, for something new, and he'll be hiding out at every corner to make sure that, when and if it happens, he's there to alert the alpha. His skittishness is integral to the safety of the pack. And he's the quality-control guy too. If someone in the pack doesn't seem to be pulling his weight, the tester will create a situation where the other wolf has to prove his mettle. Like picking a fight with the enforcer, for example. If that beta can't knock him to the ground, he doesn't deserve to be the beta wolf anymore.

The omega wolf was thought to be a scapegoat and at the bottom of the hierarchy, but he plays a key role in the pack. If 2 animals are fighting, the omega will jump between them and will clown around, until suddenly the 2 angry wolves have taken their emotions down a notch. Everyone gets on his job, and no one gets hurt. The omega holds the critical position of peacemaker. Without him the pack couldn't function; they'd be at a war with each other all the time. 

Say what you will about the Mafia, but it works because everyone has a specific role to play. They all do what they do for the greater good of the organization. They'd willingly die for each other. The other reason a wolf pack is like the Mafia? Because, for both groups, there's nothing more important than family

- I get this from Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. It's an amazing story. You can read my review here

And I've also learned that there are 3 types of wolf howls: a rallying howl, which is a vocal beacon to bring back a missing member of the pack; a locating howl, which is like a voice message to give the placement of any pack that's in the area; and finally, a defensive howl, which is much deeper, and used to protect your territory. Amazing huh?


  1. Love the post! I've enjoyed reading & learning more about wolves. xoxo

  2. I'm fascinated by Wolf after Twilight..Oh wait..Not Twilight but some old romantic love stories before Twilight even emerged. Hee.

    And Aemy, this is oh my, Amazingg..I totally love the way you write. :D

    1. Hehe thank you, but it's from Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult, actually :)

  3. And there's also MoonMoon, who acts like every wolf type but fails in any attempts. :P

  4. Wah,i never know wolf could be this interesting. Compare to wolf i always prefer dog sbb they are cute! Haha..
    Btl2 mcm mafia dlm movie pula ni wolf. Still so scary for me. Hehe

  5. Wow. I seriously didn't know about this wolf / mafia stuff before. Good read hahaa.

    But yea, the mafia family is actually very organized. I've read some stories about mafia before. And they have 'class' in their line of work.

    I've even played a mafia game which erm is called Mafia. Hahaa. And it's a story about a close family but finally was broken because of greed.

    Eniweiz, happy weekend, Aemy!

  6. you know darling, i think wolfs are so cute. eventhough it's a wild creatures but i thought wolfs are cute, especially its fur coat. i started thinking its cute after i watched Twilight and found jacob in wolf's form. so ridiculous me. hahaha

  7. Enjoyed every bit of it! Thanks for sharing.


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