November 3, 2013

Numbered Days

I've always been aware of death. Not preoccupied, scared, or fearful of, but aware. Or maybe, just cognizant of life itself. And not just life in general, but my one chance to get it right. Sure, I'll make mistakes. That's not the point. I'm aware of the fact and remind myself on a daily basis that my time here is limited. So from now until then is all I have. Because of this ever present awareness of death, I recently decided that now's the time to make sure I'm living this one life. I found myself asking, how do you want to spend your limited number of days, and my answer has consistently been, doing something meaningful, especially as required in Islam.  

We only live once, which means we have to do and be all that we're created to be. On a daily basis, we have to work to become. I personally never fulfill my new year's resolutions so instead, I'm committing myself to a year full of meaningful days. A meaningful day can truly be anything, but for me, that means taking small steps on a daily basis to change the world. Cliche? Yes. Impossible? No.

I want some meanings behind the things I buy, the places I give my money to. Where I go, what I do for fun. How I treat people. How I leave the world behind. I want to make something good even after I'm gone, not to be remembered, but at least to do the right thing for people, to make them stay alive and be better. Signing up as an organ donor, for example. While I'm aware of the possibility of death, what I really mean is that I'm making a conscious effort to be alive.

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  1. yes. this is also one step of how to make ourselves remember Allah, a step closer to Him. daripada Allah kita datang dan kepada Allah jua kita kembali. i too always remind myself of our death. it can be anytime and anywhere. it's good to tell yourself that one day, you will die. haha. scary though. scary cause are we ready enough to face the after death life? have we done enough charity or ibadah in dunya? well those questions are always on my mind.. semoga Allah terangi hati kita semua dan memberi hidayahNya pada kita. amin


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