December 18, 2013

Absent in our Presence

I have no sense of direction. I'm really poor in geography. I'm consistently 100% wrong when it comes to navigating, I could make a tourist lost. If you ask me where north is, I’ll probably point south. And if we're supposed to turn left, I’ll convince you to turn right. Show me a paper map or teach me how to use compass, my brain wouldn't seem to grasp it. 

But I want to learn and I'm actually grateful for my cell phone because I can always find directions as there's a Map apps. Technology can be a beautiful thing, anyway. We have endless amounts of information at our fingertips. We can ask questions and get answers. Sometimes I think Google is the 8th wonder of the world. We don't have to miss someone as badly because we can watch them document their lives through pictures and videos. And we can inform ourselves on current events and world news.

And I also believe that technology can get in our way. With all of the information at our fingertips, how much are we reading? What are we learning? Are we trying to take it all in? We have less time reading real books, you see. I always ask myself how much time I've spent informing myself about what's going on in the world versus refreshing my social media sites. And lately when I see my cell phone, I see distraction. 

As much as technology adds to our lives, it also takes some away. Like when you're in a room full of  friends and the only people you are talking to are the ones that are not there. Or when you're at a live concert but only view it through the screen of your camera. You're absent in your presence. Technology can get in the way when you spend the whole night documenting what you're doing, instead of actually doing it. When you spend more time letting the world know who you're with rather than just simply being with them. And cell phones can get in the way when you're driving on the road and decide to check that text message. Refresh that news feed, take your eyes off the road, and risk your/other's life just to figure out what someone else is doing.

I plan to start a game that's about being present. It's about putting down your phone, spending time with the people you're with, ignoring that incessant pull to check social media and send out a million text messages, or just to touch random buttons on your phone, ignoring the need to let everyone know what you're doing, reducing your distractions, savoring every bite of your food, rather than seeing how many people 'liked' what you ate. And it's caring more about what you're doing rather than what your facebook friends are doing. The game's about being here in real life with the people you love. Let's play together.

It's time to put our cell phones down, turn them off. Sit and have conversations with friends without distraction. Spend time with your family and hear what they're actually saying. Go outside or stay inside and read a book. Read the newspaper or make some art. Learn a new hobby. I really wanna do things manually without using apps. It's time to start gathering up knowledge and be informed, rather than just opinionated. Stop letting all those little visual and audio notifications interrupt your day. Let's allow ourselves a moment to be where we are. I think we often get so busy trying to capture the moment that we forget to truly experience it. 

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  1. to really put our phone down is a bit hard. sometimes boss panggil pn gunawhassap. hadoi la kalau time tu xonline. what we can do is using the phone and be presence at the same time. but true, if our family is around, don't google2 or instagram. nanti rude.


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