December 6, 2013

Just a Memory

Ifo made a new song called Memori. I've been listening to it over and over again because it reminds me of grandma. Ironically, Ifo made it on the night before my grandma passed away. Each time I play it, I'd get a feeling, the same one when I was listening to Paramore's In The Mourning, Avenged Sevenfold's So Far Away, Avril Lavigne's Slipped Away, etc. 

I hope you'll listen to the song and love it. The music and lyrics are solely made by Ifo, and here's the demo video, presented by Ifo and Naaszreen.

Memori - The Baks

Kau pergi jua,
Tinggalkan segala,
Takkan ku lupakan
Senyummu selalu

Tinggallah kenangan
Tinggallah memori
Memori yang terindah
Ku rindu dia

Sekian selamanya 
Ku ingat dia


  1. i just listened to the song and its make me remind of my late mother too...



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