May 10, 2013

Dear Mommy

Dear mommy,

Everyday I watch you so busy running the house. It's fun watching and trying to copy you on your every move. You laughed when I try but I guess that's normal for a baby. I get so curious with everything. It's like the activities at home are never ending.

One of my favorite activity is hovering the carpet with a machine called vacuum. At least that's what you call it although I have no idea what vacuum means. I just know you'll be rushing to the hallway, opening a huge door and inside there is was. A huge machine with 2 wheels and a very long tail. Sometimes I made you mad by playing with the door and going inside the store room where the machine is kept. You said it's dirty but I just thought it's fun. When you're ready to vacuum, you pulled a long cable from the machine and plugged it on the wall. Then I know which button to press next. But every time I press a loud noise come out from the machine and it freaks me out I'll be running to you for a hug. Then all would be alright. You said there are a lot of vacuum cleaning types and styles sold here at John Lewis.

Another one of my favorite activity in the house is cooking. The house smells heaven when you cook. I hate baby food. I want curry and lamb. Oh yes. You heard me. It amazes me how you can cook in a very short time. You said you used another loud machine that makes your life easier. I know because I can hear it miles away. The machine can chop onion or whatever and it won't teared your eyes. And you love it. It saves time too. I think it is called chopper or food processor and it's essential for mom who wants to save time. You said food processors are easily available online here waiting to find a home.

It's fun mom. Everything seems new, exciting and I want to explore all. But for now I think I'll just eat my toes to find out what they taste like.

With love,
Your little baby.

I wish I can write a letter like this to my mom when I was a kid. 
Happy Mother's Day. ^^

Me and Mom :)

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