May 7, 2013

Here I Lay my Trust

I have some unreasonable fears. One of them is messing up my own fate.
Isn't that kind of like an oxymoron? Wouldn't messing up my fate be just another part of my fate? No, my mind doesn't operate in such logical ways. But the theme of this post now is fate, not how illogical my mind can be.

I truly believe in fate. I do. I truly believe that someday I'll look back on these times and say, thank goodness it didn't work out that way, otherwise I would have never ____________.

But today is not someday. Today is today and today I'm losing the skip in my step, the sparkle of hope in my eyes. I know Allah has plans in store for us, plans that are much greater than anything we could conceive on our own. I love this thought. I have faith that it's true. God knows what will truly make us happy while we so often don't.

Now I sit at my study desk in this little apartment, eating pretzel that I bought last night, while waiting to go to class. It's yummy. And I can't help but wondering, where would this food tech course take me? Would I stuck forever doing the things I don't love? What if my perfect job's just around the corner and I obliviously threw it away? Blah, blah, blah... These thoughts keep my mind busy. It's a terrible pattern. A pattern I intend to change.

I'll just put all my trust in Him. Every little bit.


  1. oh dear, u're still so young! I'm sure there're lots of choices out there. Do what u love, sweetie. U'll be much happier. It's really good to be back blog-hopping after a month's absence! I've missed your posts :) Hope you're well!

    1. welcome back, sis! :)
      thank you..i hope there's still a lot of chances for me when i step out from university. long way to go huh ;)

  2. Indeed. God has written His plan for each and everyone of us. Have faith..

    1. yes He does :)
      thanks sis Stella ^^

  3. Hey Aemy,

    I have to say that one thing I loved about u is how you being so positive in life. I like it when you told me the reality. Every each of us have this fear in lives where sometimes we can't hide. I wish i can waterproof my insecurity. But for now, I leave everything to God.

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