May 1, 2013

I am Iron Man

I'm not a lifetime comic book fan. Thanks to Ifo for introducing me to Marvel superheroes, and now I'm an avid fan of them. Iron Man 3 is such a great film. This isn't Shakespearean Thor, or honourable Captain America. But they're all hot! This is wise-cracking Iron Man, with his unpredictability being his greatest weapon.

The story line this time shows Tony Stark’s world being torn apart by the Mandarin and after a near death experience he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution. By now I think it’s undeniable that no one could play the role of Tony Stark quite like Robert Downey Jr. does as once again he delivers an exquisite performance which is funny, smart and quite spectacular and hot. And the additions of both Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce leave the biggest mark which makes the movie even more awesome. 

So do I need to review more about Iron Man 3? I'm sure you already know how epic this movie is. It's not that I'm lazy to write but it isn't so easy to exaggerate know, it's like you were experiencing the greatest moment ever and there are no words can describe to people how great it was. So I'm just gonna tell you my favorite jaw-dropping, awesome scenes from Iron Man 3.

The moment when......

....Tony said, "I have to protect the one thing that I can't live without. That's you," to Pepper. Oh, that moment! Okay, this doesn't count.

....Tony called his suit to rescued Pepper when their house got bombed. I'm more worried about the house and the expensive cars.

....Tony's teaming up with a cute, precocious boy named Harley, which gives Tony his Dora the Explorer watch.

....the Mandarin's caught red-handed and he turns out to be a fake villain, he's just a drunk British old man names Trevor. I love the twist there. Ifo told me that according to comic, the Mandarin has some magics as his power, but now it's twisted and I love it.

....Iron Man saves 13 people who fall out of the plane, without Tony being in the suit!

....Killian draws out fire from his mouth like a dragon. He's an excellent villain.

....all Tony's armors come in action all at once. They're all awesome! Even cooler than Transformers.

....the infuriated Pepper gets up from fire and kicks ass!

Sorry for the spoilers. :p 


  1. i've watched it and love it also :)

  2. mcm sa mau tingu betul ni movie o.. besttt..

  3. the part where all tony's suits came out, i clapped hands continuously. man, awesome is an understatement! LOVE!


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