May 18, 2013

When is My Time

I still remember the moment my best friend, Fiza, told me that she's been proposed 5 months ago. I was among the 1st people who know about that, and she's really happy. And this is it, today's her engagement day! ^^

Now, usually I'm only half-happy when I heard others around me getting engaged because I've been waiting for my time. Lol. But this time, it's my best friend. So I'm truly happy for her and her fiance. Other friends from our course came too and it's such a party. As usual, when someone got engaged or married, there will be compulsory questions from friends like, "so when is your turn?", and I'd be like "hahahaha..". XD
I know they're seriously asking, but how am I supposed to know? It's a long way to go and I'll surely tell the whole world when my time comes. Come on. ;)

My dear friend Fiza looked so gorgeously beautiful today. I loved her dress and makeup. I asked her how does she feel like to be someone's fiancee, and she answered, "I'm worried about thesis!". Even engaged, she's still the same old Fiza. Hehe. But I told her to forget about thesis for a day and enjoy her moment. Honestly, I can't wait for my time. :p

pretty Fiza ^^

they say sit closely to get the vibe :p

with our friends ^^


  1. will be ur turn soon..sabar..sabar hehe =)

  2. Insya Allah semoga jodoh kita pula lepas ini kan Aemy..hehe

  3. nanti sampai juga masa ko tu aemy... he he he


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