May 22, 2013

Like Petal, Like Flame

The title above is taken from someone's blog, someone that I met last night. It's Ana!! 
And today's her birthday, so last night wasn't just a meetup, it's a birthday celebration in advance. ^^ 

She's an awesome person. We talked about many things, including know, like the normal girl talk. :p Most part of the conversation was about knowing and getting into each other, because it was the 1st time that we meet in person. But from the way we talked, it's like we've been known each other forever. 

You see, this is the power of blogging. You don't just follow others' blog and hope to be followed back or to get more followers, you follow the blogs because you want to know the authors and hope to be their friend. That's what we should do in life, meet new people and learn. Who knows if the blogger you've followed would become your best friend someday. Like me and Ana. ;) 

And it's really sweet to know Ana, I'm glad to have her as a friend. We're looking forward to see each other again next time. Happy birthday, Ana. ^^


  1. hihi. i'm glad to have you as my friend too, Aemy! We will meet again soon, insyaAllah. Thank you for the birthday wish and thank you for everything, Aemy! :D

  2. That"s so true, Aemy! Best part about blogging is able to connect with people of common interest & share your stories with them. interestingly, I've also posted an article on Ana; a different gal :)


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