May 19, 2013

Fast in My Car to Future

I've been smiling all the time since last Thursday. How couldn't I, when Ifo got me this:

Imagine my reaction. Man, it's an awesome feeling! Oh I'm really in love with this guy.

So, yeap, I'm loving this album. Paramore have grown plenty in their music and they never fail in creating monster choruses. I adore their ability to blend genres..with songs swirl with hints of R&B, country and hard rock. Here's a little review of the album tracks.

#1. Fast in My Car - this album starts with a rebellious anthem. "been through the ringer a couple times" Hayley opens, "I came out callous and cruel". The music fits the lyrics perfectly.

#2. Now - "if there's a future, we want it now". It recalls their Misery Business jam long ago, but's surely a progression on their rebel pop sound.

#3. Grow Up - this has more of a fun bounce to it than the anger like in 1st two songs. Still, some mild irritation presents.  "I'm not a little girl no more," she sings after drying her tears and realizing she's got to drop some old friends to progress as person.

#4. Daydreaming - this track's a sweet cut about building a world that matches the ones constructed in fantasies. It's not as whimsical as its subject matter, but solid nonetheless.

#5. Interlude: Moving On - this 90-second gem is a simple one, featuring acoustic strums on the guitar, while Hayley coolly kisses off an old flame. "I could be angry, but you're not worth a fight" she sings, "and besides I'm moving on".

#6. Ain't It Fun - "ain't it fun living in the real world". It asks sarcastically to a spoiled brat discovering that the world doesn't revolve around them. Some xylophone taps and choir-like bridge make it more than your average rock song.

#7. Part II - fyi, this song's the sequel to Let the Flames Begin from Riot album. "I will catch fire to let your glory and mercy shine". She's ready to sacrifice her happiness for others.

#8. Last Hope - "the salt in my wounds isn't burning any more than it used to". It's suggesting that the lack of new pain is encouraging enough to believe that brighter days are coming.

#9. Still Into You - my favorite track! This is love anthem, fit for couples that have been together for a good while through ups and downs.

#10. Anklebiters - while hip-hop community calling naysayers as haters, Paramore calls them anklebiters, folks who prey on other people's actions. "Someday you're going to be the only one that you've got," she sings to those that should rely on their own thoughts and not what anklebiters are saying.

#11. Interlude: Holiday - with an ukulele, it's a brief cut about maturing from a high school kid to an adult, then enjoying some time off. "I don't plan on coming back," she sings nonchalantly and smoothly.

#12. Proof - just as I'm nearly dozed off on previous cut, they kick back in with a rock song where she takes her man deep-sea diving, with only love acting as their safety gear.

#13. Hate to See Your Heart Break - this is one of the lone ballads in the album and almost feels like a country song. Hayley walks down memory lane and sings about how love can hurt all. "Love happens all the time, to people who aren't kind and heroes who are blind."

#14. (One of Those) Crazy Girls - here she plays the role of a girl that refuses to be broken up with, threatening to break into her ex's home so that she can "go through your closet so I can smell your skin". LOL.

#15. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore - another ukulele ditty where Hayley wavers between being bitter and sweet.

#16. Be Alone - this is about how her and her other half should be alone, together, I guess. Because she sings "we could be alone and never get too lonely".

#17. Future - encouraging listeners to keep looking ahead and following their dreams. It's a proper end to the set, gentle and aggressive all at once.


  1. Memang die hard fan of Paramore la you! :D

  2. Wehooo good for you! :D love 'now' and 'still into you' :)


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