August 26, 2013

Carrying the Torch of Ramadan Forward

It's been weeks since Ramadan has passed. Our Qurans have shut. Our mosques have emptied. And our hearts have once again filled with the love of life, the hatred of death and the desires that consume us. And so while we find ourselves again vulnerable to the very same struggles that plagued us before Ramadan, let us not forget the very purpose of our efforts during that blessed month. Let us not allow the fruits of Ramadan to be lost. And let us not miss out on the very purpose of our fasting.

If, during Ramadan, we're able to keep ourselves from eating and drinking out of fear of Allah, are we not able to keep ourselves from forbidden things after Ramadan, out of that same fear? During Ramadan, we could wake up before sunrise to feed our bodies. But after Ramadan we sleep through dawn and starve our souls. Let us not allow ourselves to be conquered. The power and choice is ours.

How do we continue the spirit of Ramadan for the entire year, and throughout our lives?

1. Guard your prayers. 
During Ramadan, many of us make sure to pray every prayer on time. Continue to guard your prayers, because surely they will guard you. 

2. Remember Allah by staying close to the Quran. 
During Ramadan, many of us spend our nights and days reading Quran. Remembering Allah by staying close to the Quran everyday will protect you from evil and keep your heart polished.

3. Think more and talk less. 
The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Sometimes a person says a thing which pleases Allah, and in return Allah raises his status; and sometimes a person says something which displeases Allah, and it takes him to hell” (Bukhari).

4. Repent often. 
Many of us seek forgiveness from Allah during Ramadan, but abandon this practice once Ramadan's over. Keep in mind that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to repent to Allah a hundred times every single day. Repenting often keeps our hearts clean and always connected to Allah.

- From the book Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed.


  1. yup..agreed especially number 1..when u guard your prayers in sha allah it will guard u from every things else..


    1. It's the best weapon in our life, insyaAllah :)


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