August 16, 2013

Go Back to Square One

One thing you need to learn about life: you have to get used to square one. Do you know what "square one" means? Square one is the initial stage or starting point. When someone says back to square one, it means that he's going back to beginning to start again. 

When you're recovering from anything, square one sounds like the worst option. When you're learning something new, square one sounds so tedious and you just wanna jump to square 60 already, but life doesn't work that way. And I know most of us wished it did, but because it doesn't, we have to get used to square one. Make a home at square one. Decorate it with recovery and paint it with patience. When you realize you have to take a few steps back, to understand someone or something, just go back to this home you've made in square one. 

Be familiar with the different rooms, that when you go, you know exactly which one you need to sit in; understanding, trust, love, hope and knowledge. But there's one extra room; fear. Paint it the brightest yellow, vacuum the dust and scrape off the ceiling. Open up the windows and let the air flow in. Don't close the door. Drown fear in the bathtub, instead of being afraid of it. Be familiar with square one, that when you have to go back, that when you open up the front door, you find yourself kissing the ground and dancing with joy. Let square one be a safe place for you and not just an awkward, shameful walk home.

When all you know has been burned to the ground and your home on square 71 is in ashes, don't be afraid to sprint to square one and crash into the couch that holds so many dried up tears. Let square one be a home. Beginnings don't have to be hard and the start of something doesn't have to be scary. Square one has a welcome mat and the key has always been in your pocket. 

When you hit the negatives, that home you built is still right there. Let yourself sit there for however long you need until things are okay again. Then say “see you soon, old friend”. Be comfortable with square one.

I've been there and done that.


  1. I think most people can relate square one by getting a new job. :D That's definitely count as square one.

    Happy Friday, Aemy!

  2. even it is a square one... its already another chapter...
    :: life goes on.. =)

  3. omyyy jatuh cinta baca ni post! mau share! :3

  4. sometimes, going back to square one makes u stronger than u were before. Ive been there and done that.


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