August 26, 2013

The Fangirl Moments

Today I didn't do much things and didn't go anywhere, was just staying at home, reading tweets and watching TV instead. But, it was a wonderful day and I'm very excited of these 2 things that came up today.

First off, I got to see 'NSYNC reuniting and performing live on stage on MTV VMA 2013 this morning. It was sooooo good to see them back together again. Really, it felt like the old times. I've always wanted my 90s back, that's the best era, you know. And it's absolutely the night for the President of Pop, Justin Timberlake. I loved it how he dove into a medley of his hits including SexyBack, Like I Love You, My Love and Cry Me A River, followed by a not-so-surprising performance of Girlfriend and Bye Bye Bye by ‘NSYNC. And that's where I screamed.

Congrats to Justin for winning The Video Vanguard Award, also known as the Lifetime Achievement Award, which is given to musicians who have made a profound effect on the MTV culture, something Justin has done so many times. It's touching when Justin dedicated his award to ‘NSYNC. Ironically, Britney Spears, his most famous ex, was the last artist to receive the award in 2011. Other winners include the Beastie Boys, Madonna and Janet Jackson. I'm so proud of my teenage crush. I love you, Justin. You'll always be my crush. :p

Annnnnndd second off, oh gosh, I don't know how to put this into words. Well, I actually know. Okay here we go: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS IS NOW A MOVIE! Have you read the book? No? How could you not read the awesome book? Dude, you gotta get the book now and read it. Don't wait till the movie comes out to know the story, it'll be less fun. 

It's written by deary John Green, who was just posting a picture of the set of the film via Instagram. And I am so psyched! So the film will be casting by Ansel Elgort (newcomer, I guess) and Shailene Woodley (played Alex in The Descendants). Oh gosh! It's like a dream come true. I did wish that the book will be filmed someday. I can't believe it's happening. Finally..Hazel Grace, Gus, phalanxifor, An Imperial Affliction, etc..are now real. You'd know what I'm talking about if you read the book. :p

By the way, click here to read my review of the book: Aemy's Review on The Fault In Our Stars.


  1. Die hard fan of NSYNC during teenage years... he he he..

  2. Me too! I used to listen to the group during their popular days....


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