August 14, 2013

Eid Throwback

Hey, I'm back with a little recap! It's been a week now since 1st Syawal and a lot of wonderful things have happened. Praise to Allah for these gifts; my family and friends. Aidilfitri would be less meaningful without them. 

On the 1st day of Syawal, I was wearing a pair of baju kurung made of 3d digital flower printed fabric. They're basically light blue and pink, and there were some faux diamonds on them. So that's my favorite raya costume this year. After having prayers and visiting cemetery, we headed off to Kg Pimping, my dad's village, to meet our relatives. It's great to meet my cousins. You know, it's not easy to gather with them all and hari raya is the only perfect time to do it. On the next day, we made an open house and invited relatives and friends to come over. The Baks and Ifo's parents came too. ^^ 

I also got to go out with my best friends, visited their houses and met my former teacher. It's the good old days all over again! And the days went on and I really had a great time!

That is my cousin.

Family photo. It's incomplete, my 2nd sister and her kids weren't there

Oh you know this one :p

Aemy and The Baks Eid version

With friends. Screw the camera. 


  1. hey aemy

    yeah apa2 celebration kalau sm family n friends mmg best kn..

  2. I like to see you with your friends.
    For this raya, I haven't meet my friends yet....

    #btw, Selamat hari raya :)

    1. only time like this i got to meet them..hehe

  3. You have a big family there :)

    Oya, Ifo macam ada berisi sikit. Tell him don't be fat like me. Wakakaa.

    Happy Thursday, Aemy!

    1. i've been telling that to him so many times, & he'd answer like, "tegap ba ni, bukan gemuk"..hahahaha XD


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