August 24, 2013

If I Were a Dude

I've never wished to be a man, and it gets on my last nerve when I hear a girl wishing she was a man because you are what you are and wishing to be something or someone else is a sign of weakness. Yet, it’s interesting to think of what could have been, you know. Obviously I can't know for sure how things would be if I were a man, but I can at least imagine it and come out with a hypothesis.

So, for starters, if I were a man I think I'd probably be emotionally crippled. I mean, I already have a hard time expressing my feelings as a girl, add some testosterone and a drizzle of macho pride to that and you have a concrete wall. Yet, I think I'd be a family guy with no commitment issues, but I'd have a big problem handling rejection, and it wouldn't matter how many chances I blew because after all my pride is what matters the most, or so I'd think. 

If I were a man, I'd probably be a workaholic, burying myself in work to avoid social duties. I'd also be into sci-fi and mystery books. I wouldn't be one of those guys who drool over cheap singers, but I'd appreciate beauty for sure. I'd probably have some very good female friends and some male friends who are the complete opposite of me. I would have a couple of crushes and would have my heart broken a few times with unrequited love.

I'd generally be a calm person, trying to do the right thing when faced with a crisis, to be strong and not to panic, because after all I'm a man and I should live up to that title. I'd be in constant competition with others especially in the work place. I'd feel responsible for everything that is anything. I’d have a good relationship with my brothers, probably not as good as my relationship with them as a sister, for some reason, but I'd have a totally different life style, and for some reason I feel that I'd be my mother's favorite son, but of course she wouldn't say that.

Well, as I said this is all hypothetical. Who knows? Maybe if I were a man I would be a complete loser. In any case all I can say is: Thank God I’m a woman.


  1. If I were a man, I would probably wish I was a woman.

  2. if i were a man,i'll be a better man and not to take woman for granted.:)

  3. If I were a man, I'll be Adam Levine.hahaha


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