June 1, 2013

Come Home, Kitties

After 3 weeks, I am finally home and find myself crying really, really hard. It's been a while I didn't cry so hard since the last time when my deary cat, Asmara, died on the road. Now my 3 kitties and a mummy cat have gone missing. Mom said we lost them almost a month now. A month! And I never knew it till today, I am the last person to know about my missing cats. My heart shatters to pieces.

It's quite hard to believe, so I went knocking every door of my neighbors & crossing the dried paddy field to find my kitties. But they're nowhere to be found. If they're just wandering around, they would've came back. My kitties are either lost in somewhere, being kidnapped or donated. Either way, I should've known from the start, my family should let me know. I deserve to know! But I don't blame my family though..even I could  be angry at them.

Whoever has my kitties now, he/she better be nice to them & love them as much as I do. If I ever found that he/she is treating them badly, I'd make sure he/she lives in miserable. But if they're still wandering somewhere and couldn't get their back.......... *sobbing*..I hope they're safe and sound. 

My deary kitties, please come home..... :'(


  1. aww I hope they are well and just went out to play and come home after a while.. if they are lost, I hope some kind hearted person would adopt them and give them nice home.. Just like you did

  2. Oh sedihnya...dulu time kucing sa si Bambi hilang sa jd pemarah n keep asking jiran2 if they seen Bambi or not. Saya harap org yg ambil tu kucing akan jaga dgn baik


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