June 15, 2013

World's Best Dad

His smiles can always dissipate your fears;
His words can always spark you up with wisdom;
His shoulders can always raise you up to reach the stars;
He is the hero in your life, and so we call it...Dad. 
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It’s a tough world, and you need somebody to prepare you for it. Just like my mom, dad has been a protector, building up my confidence and sheltering me from the bad things in the world as I grew up. Well, everyone has their world's best dad. My dad worked so hard to provide for his family, to ensure that we had an education and we wouldn’t have to work as hard as he did (he tapped rubber trees and sold paintings in his younger age) and start from zero. This work ethic's something that has been instilled in my family, as we don’t do anything halfway (I hope it stays in me).

Dad puts education 1st, so as a kid, I just wanted to make my dad proud. There's sparkle in his eyes when I became the best student at school, yet I could also tell the resentment he had when I failed in Maths later. But he didn't blame me, he blamed the teachers. Lol. When he clapped for me on my academic achievement awards, it's a victory, like, "I've made him proud!". Me and dad have one thing in common: we love books, we love to read. He's been keeping some sets of encyclopedias at home, no one but me and dad have read them. 

I love it when dad cooks. Mom's always the greatest chef, but dad's expert in Western food, especially beef steak and lamb chop. People loved my dad too. Not only because of his generosity, but most importantly, how he connected with people. He spends Friday nights hanging out with his friends, not at the coffee shop, but at the mosque; praying, reading al-Quran, and talking about society growth. And he always makes our guests feel like home. I'm proud of the way my dad being Handy Manny. He built cat's house, hut on a tree, chicken coops, shelves and house of flowers, all by himself. 

We may not say "I love you" to each other directly in family, it's not our thing. But we show our loves in action and I know how much we love each other. He might not reading this blog, but this is for him,

Dear dad,

Thank you for ensuring that I had every opportunity in the world. Thank you for modelling what you want me to be. Thank you for sharing the same hobby with me. Thank you for inspiring me to work my hardest at whatever I do. Thank you for teaching me to be generous. Thank you for showing me that you can be a tough man that can show love in your own way. Thank you for believing in me. You are the world's best dad. Happy Father's Day. :)

Your princess,

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  1. Happy Father's Day to all dad all over the world. They did great!


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