June 9, 2013

Joblogy: Finding The Job of Your Life

For most of us, choosing or changing a career path is a confusing and anxiety-riddled experience. Today’s college students and their parents are caught in a bind. Research shows that, more than ever, a college degree is key to greater economic security and employment. Yet young grads face the burden of college debt and an incredibly demanding job market that they aren't prepared for. You can’t afford not to succeed in your job search, but you also don’t know the rules or the tools needed to score in today’s job market. If you're going to be working harder, it's even more important to get a job you'll really like; a job that will not only help you meet your financial and career goals, but will also reward your psyche, by stimulating your creativity and giving you that accomplishment feeling that sometimes only the workplace can provide.

So, how do you get started? Well, this seems to be the biggest obstacle we face when it comes to finding a new job. It's just so hard to get started. There's no real deadline and nobody breathing down your neck to make sure you send that resume or call that contact. Fret not, there are many ways to find the job of your life. If you still remember my earlier post about the home tuition website, that's one of the examples for anyone who loves teaching. For more options, here's how to jump-start your job search and keep yourself motivated.

Joblogy is a website for everyone to find internship, contract, full time and part time jobs or known in Malay, jawatan kosong or jawatan sambilan. It is designed to help those who are unemployed, especially college students and recent grads land jobs much faster. It also can reassure parents that there are strategies their kids can use to search for jobs more effectively. Joblogy will give you hope that you will succeed in transitioning to your next adventure, practical ideas about things you can do immediately to make your job search more productive, and links to resources that will support your search. There are so much to learn to make your job search successful. The website can reduce your time spent finding great resources.

So check out www.joblogy.com and sign up now! 

Employer's profile on Joblogy

Job seeker's profile on Joblogy


  1. this is awesome! but for someone like me yang susah sangat lekat dengan internet, memang tidak sesuai la ni. :p

  2. Since i've got scholarship, so after studying have to work with government,


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