June 30, 2013

Sweet Evil in the Cup

From the alarm clock to a traffic jam on your way to work or you-know-where, there are many pretty morbid experiences in the morning. Embodying these morning moods, here's an idea for you to literally throw in some skulls into your morning coffee. Yep, you can make that coffee 100% sinister by adding these amazing skull and cross bones sugar cubes to your cup. These skulls are created by the brilliantly creative mind and fingers of designer Snow Violent.

Can you imagine looking down into your coffee and having the skull staring back at you? You watch as the bones float and bob in your cup slowly dissolving in the murky darkness of your cup. Now that's the way to start the day. Lol. But make sure your guests know your sense of humor before you sweeten their coffee with these. :p


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  2. nice idea but hmm kinda creepy a biit. hahaha.. i cant imagine having my cup of coffee early in the morning with a skull staring deeply at me ><

  3. When I saw it somewhere on a Page in Facebook the first time, the thought that came to mind was, "Cool! We should have this in our cafes!" Heee


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